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Welcome to Super Ponds & Pumps


Welcome to Super Ponds & Pumps

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Superpumps have been running for over 20 years.

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At Superpumps we can solve any Pool, Pond & Filtration issue.

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Are You Planning A Pond? Superpumps Are Here To Help!

Welcome to Superpumps! Is your water crystal clear, clean and healthy? Believe it or not many pondkeepers put up with murky green or brown ponds which have become a bit of a nightmare rather than the beautiful relaxing and valuable addition to any garden. The simple truth is that it is difficult to find qualified and reliable advice from many pond suppliers. Consequently all sorts of mistakes are made which compound any existing problem as well as leaving the pondkeeper out of pocket. Sludge, filters and dirty ponds… Don’t let anyone tell you that pond filters remove sludge. They don’t. Click the link to find out why and what you can do about sludge in a pond. Biofilters purify pond water so fish don’t die. Biofilters are critical to pond success. See this page for info on pond vacuums.

There is absolutely no need to have anything other than a bright sparkling pond no matter how big or small. It just requires that a few basic principles be adhered to.

Does your pond look like this?

Murky and green ponds are a common problem of many pond owners. Taking care of your pond should be enjoyable and blissful. Superpumps has a wide variety of products to keep your pond from looking like this, to what it looks like below.

It should look like this

Clear, beautiful ponds are what every fish or pond owner wants. You want your pond to look like how they advertise them and how they portray them. Superpumps can help you get this affect with minimal hassle with Viresco, which kills off algae.

How to Get the benefits from this Superpumps Website

This Superpumps website will provide you with all the information you need to specify pond equipment correctly the first time, it will allow you to troubleshoot your own pond hassles and bring water gardening joy back into your life.
Once you’ve decided on what kind of pond equipment, plants etc.  you may want to purchase, please do not hesitate to fill in the various enquiry forms on the website or get in touch with us directly for more help.
Superpumps have put together a variety of helpful articles that will hopefully assist you with your pond-keeping duties and give you more of an insight into the world of Ponds and Pumps and how they work.

Want A Beautiful Pond?

We have a variety of helpful articles available to get that crystal clear pond.

Want Pond Pump Advice?

We are happy to assist and look forward to hearing from you.

Our Product Range

We have products to match anything you could possibly require.

The Difference Between Success and Failure

There are 3 vital pieces of equipment required if your pond is to remain clean, sparkling clear and healthy all year round. There is then a fourth element namely, aquatic plants.

  1. The right type and size of pond pump… Pond pumps are the source of oxygen needed by all living creatures in a pond. Learn how to select the right pump here and then view the performance curves of all the Hydro pumps by clicking here.
  2. A Biofilter which has the sole function of purifying the pond water thereby preventing toxins from accumulating. These nitrogen based toxins result naturally from fish metabolic processes. Learn how to select the right biofilter here or improve the capacity of an existing biofilter using Alfagrog.
  3. An ultra violet light or UV clarifier, which has the sole purpose of clarifying the water by killing suspended algae. In this way pond water remains crystal clear. Learn how to select the right UV here. If the expense of an UV clarifier is prohibitive then a similar effect can be achieved using Viresco… Click here to learn more about Viresco.
  4. Pond plants add colour and form to any fish pond. They also help to oxygenate the water and remove nitrates. Learn how to select pond plants here.

Building a New Pond?

If you’re going to build a new pond you normally have a choice between using a flexible pond liner, especially manufactured for ponds or a pre-formed fibreglass pond. Learn how to size pond liner to suit your intended pond dimensions and see a wide range of preformed ponds you can choose from here. By special request we also supply a range of above ground circular ponds. It’s important to know your pond’s volume. Choose the right pump using these performance curves.

Which job must your pump do?

Choose from the 3 main functions listed below…

  • Your pond might have a waterfall… The waterfall pump is the most difficult to specify correctly. It’s specification depends upon how much water you want to overflow down the waterfall cascade in a given time … a rule of thumb says 250 litres per minute (or about 60 gpm = 3600 gph per inch of cascade overflow works well).
  • Maybe you prefer a fountain arrangement but no waterfall or stream. By spraying or sprinkling water into fine droplets the water is able to absorb a maximum amount of oxygen from the atmosphere.
  • Your pond has no waterfall and no fountain… In other words you want a pump to circulate pond water. Selection is simple and depends upon pond’s volume.

A note on Oase pumps… these pumps are world leading products and carry 1 – 3 years guarantee normally. However with extended insurance this can become 5 years.

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Pond Filtration is very important, make sure you know your stuff.

Become A Better Pond-Keeper