Tank Clean


TANKCLEAN is an industrial strength water conditioner that has been developed for use in rain water harvesting systems and water storage tanks. TANKCLEAN is formulated for South African conditions TANKCLEAN treated water can be used 30 minutes after treatment.

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  • TANKCLEAN is a concentrated solution which is extremely cost effective
  • TANKCLEAN will minimise odours that are associated with rain harvested water
  • TANKCLEAN will discourage the breeding of mosquitoes
  • TANKCLEAN is safe for humans, pets, wildlife and plants
  • TANKCLEAN is 100% environmentally friendly
    Water treated with TANKCLEAN can be used to fill Swimming Pools and in the garden


  • Rain harvesting tanks Water reservoirs


  • TANKCLEAN can be added directly into the tank
  • Add product according to the volume of water in the tank
  • For best results, TANKCLEAN should be added every 30 days if the water is not being used.


  • 1 litre of TANKCLEAN will treat 20 000 litres of water Pack sizes 250ml and 500ml. Bulk packaging on request

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