Aquatic Plants

We receive so many enquiries for aquatic plants we have gone out there and finally found a well established local grower of a wide range of pond plants including a massive range of waterlilies, marginal and bog plants.

It is out intention to be able to send these plants all over South Africa.

Please inquire with us regarding availability and new water plants we have in stock.

Some of our more popular aquatic plants are the Louisiana Irises (see image above) , and they are about to come into full bloom and these magnificent specimen plants are available in many different colours.

Water lilies will also start blooming soon so it’s the right time to buy and to let them get established. Treated well waterlilies will blossom right through the summer. Once again there is a magnificent choice from hardy types to tropical waterlilies covering the full colour spectrum. You are welcome to visit our water gardening features display at our factory in Pretoria. You can order or ask advice regarding water plants at this link as well.

It’s best to give us 3 days notice so that the pond plants can be harvested and packed properly for distribution countrywide.

We also supply a specially prepared potting soil for aquatic plants as well as packs of a pond plant formulated fertiliser tablet.

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Giant Water Parsnip 0.3 – 1m Sun
Cape Thatching Redd 0.6-1m
Imperial Taro 0.5 – 1m
Purple Taro 0.6 – 1.5m Sun
Umbrella Palm 1 – 1.5m Sun
Dwarf Umbrella Palm 30 – 45cm Sun
Giant Egyptian Papyrus 2 – 3.5m Sun
Dwarf Papyrus 30 – 45cm Sun
Star Grass 30 – 45cm Shade
Amazon Sword 20 – 50cm Sun
Dwarf Horsetail 10 – 15cm Sun
Ribbon Grass
Leafy Rush 15 – 20cm Sun
Blue Rush 30 – 50cm
Irises 0.5 – 1.2m Shade
Water Parsnip 0.5 -1m
Red Stemmed 1 – 2m
Bulrush 1.2 – 2m
Dwarf Bulrush 30 – 45cm
Water Canna 1 – 2m
Water Parsnip 0.5 -1m
Porcupine Rush
Rain Lily 15 – 20cm
Spiral Grass

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