Planning A New Pond

Are you planning a new pond? You need to consider a variety of factors and there is a lot you should know before commencing with such a project. There are many types of fish and normal ponds one can put in their garden. A living pond is the single most effective feature to bring energy, charm, grace, beauty and magic into your garden.
Ponds bring all sort of life forms from plants to birds, insects to frogs and even mammals, reptiles and fish.

Consider The Following:

  • Sunlight: Vital for pond plants
  • Safety: For your children and pets
  • Shade: Important for pond fish, especially on hot days
  • Make sure there are no permanent underground structures, cables or anything alike where you plan to build the pond
  • The site where you plan to build your pond should be 100% completely level to prevent rainwater flooding the pond and plants surrounding it
  • Pond pumps need an electrical supply
  • Plan how you will conceal the filtration system

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An ornamental pond can provide hours of pleasure and relaxation if well planned and well designed…

Also consider pond liners for the bottom of your pond, these are perfect and will increase the natural look of your garden pond…

There are many different types of ponds you can place in your garden, these all serve different functions and cater to what YOU want… Please see details below list…

Planning a small garden pond can either be above ground or below ground and will not take longer than a Saturday morning to install and landscape. A small garden pond will be a great addition to any garden and is easy to run and maintain.

A wildlife pond or wildlife hotel is not restricted in size and requires very little maintenance as it is a natural pond. The purpose of a wildlife pond is to attract all types of living creatures and wildlife to your garden, which it does very well. The idea behind a wildlife pond is to create a natural ecosystem, simply by using a ponds pump and pond plants. There are a wide range of water ways, stream, water features, fountains, nozzles and garden art to help you landscape your wildlife pond, which will become the focal point of your garden, no matter how big it is. You can let your imagination “run wild”!

Small or large fish ponds can vary in size depending on what fish species you wish to introduce into your pond. Every fish pond does require water circulation 24 hours a day to be a success. It is very important then that you use the correct pond pump. It is also essential for the fish pond to have a biological filter and UV light. All of this may sound very complicated but I assure you it is not… As it is very simple and anyone can make this fish pond a reality! We are available for advice and we will help you out with any problems or questions you may have… Just give us a call or send us an email… The easiest and most effective fish pond is constructed with a pond liner and the minimum depth for general fish species should be half a meter and for Koi fish at least 1 meter.

The reasons for using a pond liner are as follows:

  • It isn’t labour intensive
  • Can fit to any shape or size
  • No leaks guaranteed
  • Smooth pond surface

Beautiful-Clear-PondKoi ponds are generally for serious hobbyists and require more attention than smaller fish ponds. Thorough research and planning is required if you want to succeed in having the perfect healthy koi pond. So much pleasure can be obtained from a well planned Koi pond and all the hard work will pay off! One of the biggest mistakes a prospective pond keeper can make is to forget that Koi can grow to humungous sizes and they can also live up to 20 years sometimes longer and attain weights of well over 10 kilograms. That is why a Koi pond should never be overstocked with small Koi and a good guideline for this is every 1000 Litres of pond water you have, you should have 1 Koi… I.E. A 10 000 Litre Koi Pond should have 10 fish in it… A Koi pond has to have a large pond pump which circulates the pond water 24 hours a day and also should have bottom drains (See more below) which feed into a sediment chamber. A good filtration system is also needed. For less maintenance of your Koi Pond a skimmer lid can be used… You should never overstock your Koi pond with small fish and a Pond Skimmer can be added to the pond as well. The pond must also be level and you should consider a rain water run off overflowing or flooding the pond.

Every large pond should be built to include a bottom drain… such a system allows water to accumulate at the drain point where it is continuously removed with the recirculating water that is sucked from the bottom drain. Solids are then removed in a settling chamber of some description (a vortex unit is the most efficient… call us if you need help in sizing a vortex 083 406 1677). The settling chamber/vortex is then purged occasionally. This results in a pond with no debris build up. See image below:

Bottom Drains

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