Pond Pump Flow

Pond Pump Flow For Good Pump Choices, Save Money!

Be aware that pond pump flow is the amount of water required to give you the waterfall effect you desire in garden ponds. Correct specification of pond pump flow and pump head is very important. Too little flow and your waterfall will be a disappointment.

Too much pump flow will waste your money and the noise may well annoy you.

You must be able to determine the correct pump flow for your system in order to specify the correct pond pump. This is a MUST. Ribbed hose is by far the best pipe to use on a garden pond since it does not restrict pump flow when bent to form curves or bends often required in a pond set-up.

In addition to pump head and to fully specify a pond pump you need to know exactly what pump flow is needed for your garden pond.

When you see maximum pump flow referred to on a pump box do not use this for any practical purpose.

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The information on many pond pump boxes must be treated with some caution. Good pond pumps suppliers clearly state volume flow at different heads. If you only see maximum pump flow stated on the box BE CAREFUL since the pump is only able to pump this amount with no pipe attached to it. Maximum flow is an impractical indication of true usefulness of a pump.

Think of pond pumps flow as the amount of water to be pumped around your pond system to give you a waterfall effect you will be happy with.

In addition pump flow must also satisfy the needs of your bio filtration system.

To save lots of money think of running two separate pond pumps in any pond with a waterfall – big or small pond, it does not matter. This subject is covered extensively in my book and this advice alone covers the cost of the book many times over.

In order to fully specify a pond pump you need to know in addition to pump flow exactly what pump head is needed for your garden pond.

The pond pump you’ll need will depend upon which job you want a pump to do.

Choose from the 3 main functions below …

  1. Your pond must have a waterfall … this is most difficult pump to specify correctly (for a filter pump specification use this link if your system also has a waterfall)
  2. Your pond will have a fountain but no waterfall or stream. Can be difficult so follow this recommendation here
  3. Your pond will have no waterfall and no fountain … in other words you want a pump to circulate pond water. Selection is simple and depends upon pond’s volume. For a filter pump specification use this link if your system does not have a waterfall

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