Preformed Pond Install

4 Easy Steps For A Preformed Pond Install

We manufacture a very large range of preformed lightweight fibreglass ponds.

Preformed ponds are the alternative to flexible liner ponds and have advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage is that you can see exactly how your final pond will look and the lightweight nature of the products means it is easy to take home. A disadvantage is that you cannot make your own shape as you can with a liner pond.

I have extracted 4 images from Peter J May’s wonderfully practical book called “The Perfect Pond Recipe Book”. Each small image below should be clicked to enlarge it.

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How to site your pond and make the first dig.

Second dig and fitting the pond.

Backfilling the the hole and preparing the surround.

Laying the edging for the pond (many of our ponds have the edging built in).

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