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Over the years Superpumps has received a variety of testimonials and amazing feedback regarding our Products and Services from all around the World. Please have a read through some of our testimonials below.

Good Morning Ken and Judy.

I would just like to thank you firstly for your very reliable delivery and also for the good quality of your merchandise you sold me. I started up the pump at last on Friday and by Sunday the water was as clear as anything. I know it will take months before all the bio goggas have invaded my pond to do their thing but I think the normal filtration and Alfagrog are doing something with the uv light already for it to be so clear.

Secondly I cannot thank you enough for giving me Colin’s information. I visited him yesterday and bought quite a lot of fish from him. His prices are really unreal and I will definitely be going back in the new year when I have returned from leave. I was really astounded to see all the fish he farms. I cannot believe that you can even keep Guppies in Earth dams like he does. Yesterday when I bought the fish he told me that they might spawn in the new dam which they did last night. They were splashing around a lot and this morning the pond looked a tad murky from all their activity. I just hope it clears by this afternoon. I also did not feed then this morning because they were still in their own world this morning when it was raining as I left at 05:20. Colin is also very busy like you said because he was bombarded by calls yesterday when we were there. He also looks the part with his straw hat he wears. If you do not see his European features you could easily mistake him foe an Oriental working on a KOI farm with a home made hat.

Kind Regards and see you soon again when I come to purchase a net to catch them with…

Vernon Riggs

Just a short e-mail to express my gratitude for all the wonderful information contained in your website. Over the last 30 years, I have been a fan of keeping fish of one type or another, aquarium and pond (I’m 35). I thought I knew a little about how to keep fish, until I started reading your information!

The site has been a major part of the success of my 8,000 litre pond, which I have recently stocked with 9 beautiful little Koi!

I have also found your recommended people, products and companies to be very helpful, I am particularly delighted with Viresco, magical powder!

Thank you very much, I have been telling all my friends!

Kindest Regards

Declan Brennan

Hi Ken,

Let me explain what I did then you would be able to confirm the best way forward.

I built the pond against a wall using bricks at the dimensions specified. To seal it I plastered the inside walls and the bottom of the pond with a coarse salt & cement mixture followed by 2x coats waterproof paint (Paint that contained fibre) and for added peace of mind I painted another 5x or 6x coats waterproof paint (As per the container used for Roof Leaks & to seal Koi Ponds) which required the use of membrane on the 1st coat. To my absolute shock the pond still leaked!

Please confirm the best way forward & when it will be ready for collection. Please also provide your address details. (“De Wet bought pond liner from us to seal his concrete pond”).

You have my permission to publish my experience, consumers need to know not to waste money & time on products which claim to be effective pond sealer.


De Wet

HI, im fairly new to your site but have already downloaded your book and taken some of your advice, would just like to say a massive thank you as your info has helped me to finally solve my pond problems and thanks to your advice to use Viresco to solve blanket weed etc i now have a clean, crystal clear pond and no blanket weed or algae in sight!! my fish are also reeping the benefits of this fab product, Cant beleive it works as in the past have spent a fortune on other so called removers to no avail so its fantastic to find a product that actually works.
I live in the uk and weather here is unpredictable but least now i can enjoy my pond all year round thanks to yourself and the great discoverer of Viresco so congratulations on a great site and many thanks for your helpfull and intuative book and emails.

Kindest Regards


After reading your article on email I purchased a packet of Viresco for my pond.The pond water is now clearing, brilliant to see my fish again. Thankyou very much. Also would you know why my goldfish in a small indoor aqarium tank have turned black in colour.they look as if they have a black film over them,one of them has now returned to gold again,the fish are eating and swimming well,any ideas ?
Hi Anthony,

I am a fairly new koi pond owner (less than a year) and I must say I am still learning everyday. I had a very trying time with blanket weed, and it really got me till I tried Viresco. Initially I expected results with in at least three weeks after introducing it into my pond (5000Lt) This system has taken a good 6-8 weeks to kick in with optimum performance reached after ten weeks. One thing you don’t mention in your comments is patience.It is very frustrating and you want to give up, when you see other people’s clear water and blanket algae free sides, but everything takes time, and one must not get into the sense of false security by jumping from one remedy to the next to try and get rid of the blanket weed. New comers should also be taught to leave the pond alone so that it can sort itself out, with the correct biofilter and Viresco it will come right.
I am amazed, because I have a closed system, without a drain I stir the pond up once a month and then filter use extra external filters, sponges to trap the residue waste The amount that comes out is minimal and the water and sides are crystal clear within an hour.
My fish have doubled in size and are very healthy. I truly believe the answer lay in the use of Viresco, initially I was skeptical, and disappointed but with time and patience it has worked out.
I most certainly be getting a fresh supply before the summer starts. New pond owners must not be put off by the cost, it is worth it in the end.

Dick Waterfall


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