Pond Skimmers

High Quality Pond Skimmers To Remove Pollutants From Your Garden Pond

The Pond Skimmers we have at Super Pumps are all top of the range OASE Pond Skimmers which are designed to remove pollutants and nutrients out of the water of the pond as quickly as possible.

Pond Skimmers do not only make sure unclouded enjoyment for the pond owner but also the general clarity of the water where you can see your fish perfectly!

The Pond Skimmer floats on the surface gathering debris in your pond and it is very easy and simple to clean out. Pond Skimmers are a great choice for any fish pond, especially larger ponds where more debris is likely to gather. The advantages of having a Pond Skimmer are:

  • Water becomes Clear
  • Floating Debris Gets Cleaned Up
  • Makes Your Pond Look Superb And Clear

For those seeking a perfect clear fish pond, a Skimmer is the way to go. Please contact us via email or give us a call to inquire or make your order now! 083-406-1677

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