Algclean: For Your Pond


Algclean is an industrial strength algae treatment, suitable for ponds, water features, dams and wetlands. Algclean is formulated for South African conditions


Algclean kills algae, dead!
Algclean is safe for humans, pets, wildlife and plants Algclean is 100% environmentally friendly Algclean will flocculate water
Algclean will soften water, making it easier to filtrate

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Use in all bodies of water where algae has become prevalent and uncontrollable Treatment of koi ponds, water features, breading ponds


Algclean must be diluted with pond water as per specification

After dilution, Algclean is more effective if distributed evenly over the surface Algclean can be sprayed on the algae as a first step

If the organic load is high, multiple dosages may be needed


1 litre of ALGLEAN can treat 50 000 litres of water

20ml per 1000 litres of water

It is important to calculate, the amount of water to be treated, as accurately as possible and must be added over two days, i.e. half the dose on day one and the other half the next day. Example: Total dose for 20 000 litres will be 400ml of Algclean. 200ml DILUTED to be added on day one and 200ml DILUTED the next day.

Pond Volume = Length(in meters) x Breadth(in meters) x Average Dept.(in meters) x 1000

DO NOT OVERDOSE – although Algclean is environmentally friendly, overdose can be harmful to aquatic life. Follow-up dose should take place after 5 to 7 days from each other.

If any other has been used with the 7 to 14 days DO NOT DOSE with Algclean before consulting with your distributor.

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