Sludge Clean

Sludgeclean for your pond


Sludgeclean is a high potency, bacterial concentrate for use in controlling solid wastes that have accumulated in lakes, ponds and aquaculture environments.

Sludgeclean is 100% natural, non toxic and biodegradable.

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  • Contains no Chemicals
  • Dissolves organic sludge
  • Reduces disease causing organisms
  • Promotes faster fish growth
  • Useful to unblock sand filters, gravel filters, sponge filters, vortex filters, etc. Active under 12 ̊C
  • Breaks down dead algae
  • Harmless to pipes, humans, birds, fish and plant life
  • 24 month shelf life



Fish ponds Fountains Water tanks Golf course ponds Fish hatcheries Indoor Aquariums


Sludgeclean can be continuously dosed, either by batch treatment or dosing system Sludgeclean can be added directly to the water without dilution
Multiple dosing may be done depending on the severity of the build-up


1 litre of Sludgeclean will treat 30 000 litres of water


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