UVC – Ultra Violet Clarifier

How to choose a UVC, and Ultra Violet Clarifier. If you want a crystal clear pond, and who doesn’t? Then the ultimate solution which works 100% of the time if the UV unit is correctly sized is to incorporate an UV clarifier (ultra violet light clarifier) into the pond water circulating system. Almost All Fish Ponds Go Green and Murky in Summer… Except Those That Have an UVC Installed.

In a well stocked fish pond you will need to install a system that will make sure that suspended algae that cause murky pond water are killed. Algae will form in all ponds and that’s why all fish ponds need some form of algae control. An alternative to an UV clarifier is Viresco.  A correctly sized UVC and Viresco in combination will work miracles in your pond as far as water clarity is concerned. Remember no UV Clarifier will resolve a blanketweed problem whereas Viresco will and that’s why using a combination of Viresco and an UVC is suggested.

Algae are tiny plants and they thrive on sunlight, warm weather and high nutrient levels in water. The symptom of high concentrations are cloudy water … often green pea soup-like or brown. You will not normally be able to see your fish during the day because the algae floats to the pond surface to catch as much sunlight as possible.

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The fish in general do not mind the algae although if things get really our of control the excess algae can remove all oxygen from pond water and under this circumstance the fish will die from suffocation.

Ponds that are green in summer often clear in winter because the algae grow so much more slowly in the cold water. But when spring arrives and water warms up then the murky water re-appears too.

How to Specify the UVC

If you buy a filter then go for one with an UVC included. Always remember the UV light source must be replaced every 8000 hours or so (ie 1 year of full time use). The light source has been depleted of its UV radiation power after this period of time. The greater the wattage then the greater the amount of algae infested water that can be treated. This is correlated to pond volume and sunlight.

The UVC is normally installed in line just before the filter.

The amount of UVC wattage required is a function of: fish stock density, water temperature, quantity of food fed and sunlight exposure. Each pond is different therefore. If in any doubt go one size larger.

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