How To Work Out Water Volume In A Pond

You will need to know the volume of water in your pond sooner or later … and probably sooner because it plays a role in choosing the right pump, the right filter and the right UVC. Good pond designs need good pond volume information.

You will need to know the volume of garden ponds under the following particular circumstances:

Pump specifications for basic pond designs: Treatment of garden ponds under differing pond water conditions – eg blanketweed treatments.

Addition of medicines to garden ponds. Accurate volume knowledge is critically important in these circumstances.
It is ideal to measure the volume of a pond when it is filled the first time using a metre or a pre-determined flow from a hose pipe for example. If this method is chosen store the information in a safe place where you can find it months later.

Using a Hose Pipe to MEASURE Pond Volume

The garden hose is turned on and the amount of time taken to fill a 10 gallon or other known volume container is taken.

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14 + 5 =

The garden pond is then filled without changing the position of the tap supplying the hosepipe.

The amount of time taken to fill the garden ponds is recorded

The volume is calculated as follows:

Time to fill garden ponds is divided by time to fill fixed volume container. This result is then multiplied by the volume of the container.

For example time taken to fill a 10 gallons container is 1.8 minutes.

Time taken for garden ponds filling is 23.9 minutes.

Then garden ponds volume is 132.7 gallons ( 23.9 divided by 1.8 multiplied by 10).

How to CALCULATE Pond Volume

It is very difficult sometimes to do this with great accuracy but for most garden ponds it is normally not critical if we are 10% or so out.

For regular shaped garden ponds based upon squares and rectangles the calculation is simple using fixed formulae. More complex regular shaped garden ponds such as trapezoid, triangular, hexagonal and so on are included on the FREE calculators site as are the calculations for the simple round, square, rectangular shaped garden ponds also.

Coping with Irregular Shaped Ponds

Irregular shaped garden ponds are calculated using “squares”. This is a bit tedious done manually but with the help of the free calculator program it is greatly simplified and the results for your garden ponds volume are very accurate when care is taken.

The system relies upon the basic formula… Pond Volume = Surface Area x Average Depth.

The challenge lies in calculating the surface area accurately which is easy if the shape is a square or round say. But for complex shapes an estimate of area has to be made using the “count the squares” technique.

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