The Aquapond


The Aquapond is an instant above ground water dam or pond, that can be folded up when not in use. The Aquapond is an ideal, just-add-water instant dam system. Available in 3 heights: 1,0m, 1.1 m and 1,2m and standard diameters from 2,0m to 4,0m (see statistics below). The Aquapond folds in half to fit onto a bakkie and can be moved as often as needed.

Aquapond needs no concrete or mesh-wire support and does not need to be kept full to stay standing. Made of strong, flexible, high density polyethylene (HDPE) and weighing 25kg to 35kg, it is easily handled by just two people. The Hi-driline material is UV resistant and literally lasts a lifetime.

With Aquapond, there is nothing to crack or rust and the structure flexes to match your ground shift. Aquaponds are supplied with inlet/outlet or overflow positioned to meet your requirement. Just place the Aquapond on a smooth, level surface with no sharp objects underneath, fit any inlets or outlets you require and you are ready to go – use as a low cost quarantine holding tank for koi, a breeding tank or even for aquaculture or any other water storage application. The Aquapond can be folded and put away when not in use.

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Aquapond has the following advantages:

Low Cost: You won’t find a cheaper way to contain water. The Aquapond does not need brick or concrete walls or foundations. Unlike old-fashioned plastic dams, it does not need a mesh-wire support structure to hold it up like other koi ponds used for isolation. This simplicity of structure means cost saving.

Easily Transportable: An Aquapond can be folded in half and placed on a bakkie for easy transport from site to site and you can move it as often as you want – this dam is tough!

Lightweight: Aquaponds are made of thick, strong, Hi-Driline high-density polyethylene. This space-age material enables us to make a 7000 litre dam that weighs in at only 25kg. Two people can easily handle an Aquapond.

Does not Crack: The Aquapond is flexible. If you have “Black Turf” or any other swelling or shrinking ground where your tank must stand, it won’t damage your Aquapond because Hi-Driline can stretch. There’s nothing to crack or rust on an Aquapond and Hi-Driline dam linings have been exposed to the sun since 1979 without significant deterioration.

Aquapond Ground Preparation:

Aquaponds must be installed on a level surface. It is also very important not to have sharp objects under the floor of the tank or it may be punctured. A bed of fine sand on a well-leveled surface is ideal, and a 50mm layer should be sufficient. Each Aquapond comes with a 50 mm outlet flange that can be piped up to a separate biofilter and pump arrangement Sizes and Capacities: These ponds are made to order. There are 6 diameters in 50cm increments from 1 metre to 4 metres. There are 3 different height: 1 metre, 1.1 metre and 1.2 metre.

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