OASE Jumping Jets

OASE Jumping Jet Fountains… Amazing Water Fountain Invention – The OASE Jumping Jets operate with water effects so far unseen in fountain technology, presenting an entirely new concept!

A rod of water jets through the air in parabolic form, precisely aimed to disappear into a small catch hole in the ground.

In the next moment it shoots up again but with a totally different jet configuration.

The transparent parabolic jet is either continuous, or precisely cut into sections of various lengths. Just when the observer imagines he has spotted a certain regularity in the pattern, astonishingly a new variation occurs.

The secret of the OASE Jumping Jet unit lies in the elaborate ejection mechanism and control system, developed as a result of years-long detailed work and testing phases. There is almost no limit to the combination of units with nozzles, basins and catch holes.

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Since there is hardly any splashing, they can be installed either inside or outside. Of course the OASE-Jumping-Jet-installation is always the major attraction in leisure parks, discos, fairs, shows or any other public venues.

Characteristics of the OASE Jumping Jet Fountain

Unusual water effects

Precise and glass-clear water jets

Spectacular integrated light-effects

Freely programmable OASE-PSE-control

Silent and vibration free

Virtually maintenance free, easy to clean

High safety standard, even without anchorage

Fast and easy to mount

High-grade stainless steel, unique and compact construction

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