Fountain Jets & Nozzles

How to Choose the Right Fountain Jets, Nozzles & Heads

This page briefly covers the larger professional type of fountain jets or fountain nozzles used in larger ponds, water features and formal settings in and around hotels for example. Golf courses for example also use this type of fountain for aeration of their water ways.

Professional Nozzles and Large Pond Fountain Jets…

Specifying the right nozzle or fountain jet for large installations can be quite complex since the finished effect is a function of the pump in use and the height/diameter of the fountain itself.

The comprehensive range of OASE nozzles we offer vary in price between depending on how complex the function of what you want the fountain jets to perform are.

The principles in general are the same…

To what height do you want to pump the fountain?
What type of fountain effect is required?
What diameter is required for the spray pattern?

The answer to these equations will determine the pump required.

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12 + 13 =

In this context and as described here all pumps are those from the Oase range and as such are matched perfectly to the specifications. It is possible to attach the same fountains to other pumps. It’s just that in these cases you need to be able to match your own pump’s hydraulic properties (head and volume flow rate) to the suggested Oase model. It may also be necessary to make changes to fittings depending upon your pump type.

Basic Fountains for Garden Ponds

Choosing a nozzle for most garden ponds is straightforward because basic nozzles are made to suit a variety of pumps and fountain designs. Typical fountain fountain types are bubble jets (also called a mushroom jet) or a 3 tier fountain.

Most pumps that can be used with fountain jets also come equipped with a diverter valve. This allows part of the water flow to go to the biofilter with the balance going to the fountain. To get a good fountain effect you need to match the pump to the nozzle. Depending upon the pump chosen the dimensions will vary. The more powerful the pump the greater will be the dimensions. Installing a powerful pump with a large fountain in a small pond may result in loss of water caused by wind blowing the fountain spray outside of the pond area. Always bear this in mind. Use the diverter valve to regulate.

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