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EPDM Pond Liners

EPDM Pond Liners are some of the best pond liners you could use for your fish pond. The EPDM Pond Liner is a great product overall. A lot of people may think that the EPDM Liner is far superior but this is a misconception. The LLDPE pond liner is a great product to use as well. The Firestone PondGard rubber lining is a great product. It literally lasts a lifetime.

They started using the Firestone Pondgard in Europe about 40 years ago. The first dam they lined was an irrigation dam with fluctuating water levels – which together with the sun and uv would normally cause major perishing. They tested the lining on that dam last year and it is still in EXACTLY the same condition as the day they put it in. The rubber has an infinite memory. So when there is any land movement or expanding and contraction in weather conditions, the rubber moves with it and there is no leakage. The PondGard can stretch up to 300% and will then go back to its original state. The PondGard is puncture and UV resistant. So once it is installed it is literally for a lifetime.

Should there by any chance be a puncture of sorts – perhaps by some mechanical means – its as easy as patching a bicycle tire. It can be used from small garden ponds to large dams.

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We normally recommend that you place a geotextile of sorts eg. bidim on the compacted ground. This just gives some extra protection for the liner. Once the liner is installed, you can then fill the dam / pond with water. The liner is non-toxic to birds and fish and can be used to catch water for human consumption. Give your pond the best! EPDM PondThe liner comes in the following size rolls – 3.1m wide, 6.1m wide and 9.1m wide. They are all 30m long. So depending on the dimension of your dam /pond, the liner can be cut to size, joined if necessary or even purchased in whole rolls. The joining procedure is quick and simple – it is done on site with a glue/primer and some double sided tape – all these accessories are just different states of the rubber -so when they are joined, a chemical reaction takes place and the two pieces of rubber panels that were joined become one integral piece. At face value, the price is quite a bit higher than the HDPE plastics and maybe even concrete. However once you have worked it out you will see that it certainly pays for itself and it lasts for ever!

  • The EPDM Liner is very flexible, it’s easy to join, fold, mould, shape and repair.
  • The EPDM Liner has a long life and is resistant to sunlight.

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